Eugene Ionesco's absurd little play, Rhinoceros, lets you experience how humans turn into rhinos. Amazing.

Rhinoceros Consulting is an amazing little company, with an absurd little name. We are a bi-coastal consulting firm, with locations in San Francisco and the middle of the Pacific (on the north shore of Kauai). We do not do safaris. We do provide a range of services, including technical writing and editing, and walking tours, historical research and author consultations.

We provide quality service, on-time, with a smile.

Rhinos in Kauai?

When Rhinoceros Consulting is on Kauai, we live and work out of our luxurious 3-suite home in Princeville. When we're not "on island," we rent out our home—it's a great place for a family reunion or for 3 couples to come and relax.

Rhinos in Kauai