Rhino as Browser?

Rhino as browser? Yes! A black rhino is a browser (and, by the way, a white rhino is a grazer).

No wait a minute! This is a trick! We all know that a browser is where you check stuff on the Internet. Right?

Well sort of. Now, anyway.

In ancient days (say, until the 1980s) the noun browse meant primarily the tender shoots, twigs and leaves of trees and scrub. A browser was an animal who ate browse. That kind of eating—picking away at bits of food—was called browsing. Deriving from the principal meaning, a secondary meaning of the verb browse was to skim through or look casually at whatever caught the eye. And, in the olden days, to graze was to eat grass (or other herbs).

black rhinos

Rhino lips

White rhinos are grazers and black rhinos are browsers. And, if you ever forget, look at the lips. A white rhino's upper lip is wide and flat—perfect for hoovering up vegetative material from the 2-dimentional space that is the ground. Check out a black rhino's upper lip to compare—it's hooked and pointy, well adapted for reaching into trees and grabbing those sweet tasty morsels of green.

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